keskiviikko 25. heinäkuuta 2007

Election 2008

Since so many of my friends have asked for my opinion in the US election 2008, I have decided to announce the following statement:

George W Bush and his politics have not had my support in years, and I am pleased to see him leave the White House in 2008. I have, however, been deeply concerned about the quality of the candidates running to become the next president of the US. I have urged both David Palmer and Matt Santos to run for office, sadly they both rejected my request. As a last attempt to find a candidate I could support without hesitation, I contacted Arnold Vinick, and asked him to run as an independent candidate. Unfortunately he had already promised his wife, that he will never ever run for office again.

During the last weeks one candidate has nonetheless risen above the others, and therefore I am ready to endorse Hillary Rodham Clinton as my candidate in the upcoming election. She has the needed background, experience and commitment, and is by far the most suitable Democrat in the contest.

I will although watch her campaign closely. If she turns politically right in order to please moderate voters, I must consider my endorsement again. My support will never go to a candidate, who is not genuinly pro-choice and has a great understanding of the Labour Movement.

One might ask whether or not my support makes a difference. For those sceptists I must remind, that I spent 2 weeks in Boston 1988. Furthermore my support to Howard Dean 2002 must be remembered.

2 kommenttia:

Katri Söder kirjoitti...

Hei, tervetuloa blogimaailmaan! Onpa kivaa että taas tulee yksi varmasti mielenkiintoinen toveriblogi lisää seurattavaksi.

Jukka kirjoitti...

Sir, I admire your courage. You must be the only man on the planet brave enough to admit publicly that you have supported The Scream.